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Our Community

Working Together

Working Together


As a community-run kindergarten, the relationships between families and the centre are paramount. We aim to strengthen our sense of community through activities such as our Twilight Picnic, Trivia Night, Fun Day and other family-led social events. We encourage parents to stay and play with the groups and offer open communication with the teachers to discuss their child’s development. We also actively seek input, guidance and feedback from children, families and the community. By engaging our community in this way, we can shape ongoing practice and foster a culture of inclusiveness and sense of belonging for all.

We invite all families to connect and be active in decision making as part of our Committee of Management (CoM). Read more about our CoM by clicking the button below.

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Next Working Bee : Date TBA

Working Bee's are held at least once each term and are a great way to give back to the Kinder Community.  It also provides an opportunity for you to connect with other families and help keep the grounds in good shape for the children to enjoy.  

Parents Information Book
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Design Book

Information Book


Our current Information Book (2024) is available here to download. It contains everything you need to know about the kinder, the programs, what to pack and who to talk to. It also includes our mission statement, philosophy, policies and health information.

Purchase Clothing
Folded Polo Shirts


Rowen Street Kindergarten offers clothing for parents to purchase as comfy muck-abouts or memory-box keepsakes for years to come.  To download the order form click here


Of Management

The Committee of Management (CoM) is a group of volunteer parents responsible for the finances and general running of the kindergarten. There are many roles on the committee, from executive team roles (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary), to general committee member roles where you can be part of the decision making with flexible tasks. Each role is vital to the running of the kinder and each role supports the next in a network of collaboration. Our CoM has been successful in numerous grant applications that have contributed to the buildings and grounds, and have provided professional development for the staff. Our CoM work everyday to support the teachers in accessing resources and problem solving, as well as assisting the families to feel connected and supported in their child's early learning journey.

We warmly welcome all parents to join our Committee of Management - it is a great way for parents to meet a wider group of Rowen Street Kindergarten parents, gain a deeper understanding of their child's Kinder environment and become part of the decision making that influences their child's experience. Members are normally elected into their roles at the AGM in November, however there is sometimes a role left unfilled, or ways in which you can assist the CoM, so please contact us if you are interested in joining or helping out. Click the button below to see the list of positions in the CoM and their role descriptions.

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